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Why Invest in Brazil?

The housing prices in the United States won't see much change in 2013. The employment still low and the banks are strugling to stop the foreclosures. In Brazil we are going the other way around, there is a high employment rate and the cost for financing the acquisitions is lowering.

The United States real estate market is seeing a small increase in prices (as you can see in the Zillow Home Value Index), this increment is even smaller when compared to the Brazillian prices that are expected to increase 15% in 2013.

Measures of the government to keep the brazillian real estate market heated are doing their job. The Minha Casa, Minha Vida plan that began to help the lower classes get their first houses has elarged its scope and now can be used to buy properties of up to R$500.000. Along with that the tax rates are going down for this kind of loans.

To make things clear let's have an example: A commercial unity at the Duo Concept building costs US$150.000 it is going to be delivered in 2015 when it be costing US$D195.000 an increase of 30%. If you take a loan and pay in this two years 40% of the cost (that is the usual way of buying real estate in Brazil) you will sell your unity in 2015 for US$105.000 with an investment of US$60.000.

Whatch a video of the building

I will be talking a lot about this on the blog so stay tunned for more. If you have anything to say pelase comment below.

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