quarta-feira, 27 de fevereiro de 2013

3.8 billion to Be Invested in Brazil

The minister of Development, Industry and Foreign Commerce, Fernando Pimentel, said today  in a speak with representatives of Brazil’s biggest companies that the investments in Brazil will amount to R$3,8 trillions until 2016.

The bulk of this money will come from the government himself, as in 2013 the improvements on airports, ports, roads, etc. planned in 2012 will be implemented. These improvements are long waited from the investors (both brazilian and foreign) as logistics has always been a problem in Brazil.

The Government prediction is that foreign investors will invest between US$60 and US$65 millions, the same average of the recent years. Recent surveys with top C executives of multinational companies place Brazil in the top 3 countries to invest in, right behind United States and China. Pimentel states that the investments have all lowered in the world due to the global crisis, but in Brazil the process is different and no retraction has been registered in investments.

Pimentel believes that the country has become very attractive for outside investors, with powerful marketing tools as BNDES and other public financial organs.

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